Google’s ChatGPT-killer is now open to everyone, packing new features



At Wednesday’s Google I/O convention, Google introduced broad availability of its ChatGPT-like AI assistant, Bard, in over 180 international locations with no waitlist. It additionally introduced updates equivalent to assist for Japanese and Korean, visible responses to queries, integration with Google providers, and add-ons that may lengthen Bard’s capabilities.

Much like how OpenAI upgraded ChatGPT with GPT-4 after its launch, Bard is getting an improve beneath the hood. Google says that a few of Bard’s current enhancements are powered by Google’s new PaLM 2, a household of foundational giant language fashions (LLMs) which have enabled “advanced math and reasoning skills” and higher coding capabilities. Beforehand, Bard used Google’s LaMDA AI mannequin.

Google plans so as to add Google Lens integration to Bard, which can enable customers to incorporate images and pictures of their prompts. On the Bard demo web page, Google reveals an instance of importing a photograph of canine and asking Bard to “write a humorous caption about these two.” Reportedly, Bard will analyze the photograph, detect the canine breeds, and draft some amusing captions on demand.

Google Bard image recognition demo.
Enlarge / Google Bard picture recognition demo.


Google thinks that software program builders might respect a number of enhancements in Bard, together with an export button for code execution in both Colab or Replit. And to any extent further, when Bard offers code, it should embody citations. “If Bard brings in a block of code or cites different content material, simply click on the annotation and Bard will underline these components of the response and hyperlink to the supply,” writes Google.

Bard will even assist a darkish theme for the primary time, a characteristic which elicited the largest cheer from the Google worker viewers on the I/O keynote.

Much like ChatGPT plug-ins, introduced in March, Google plans so as to add extensions to Bard that may enable the chatbot to entry exterior assets. Within the I/O presentation, Google confirmed an instance of producing photos of unicorns for a celebration inside Bard utilizing an extension for Adobe Firefly, which is an AI picture synthesis mannequin just like Stable Diffusion.

Google Bard image generation demo.
Enlarge / Google Bard picture era demo.


Google says it’s partnering with different service suppliers equivalent to Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy to construct extensions for Bard, which ought to enormously increase the capabilities of the chatbot. Past that, Google additionally says it should combine options of its present apps like Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Maps into Bard’s consumer expertise over time.

It is all a part of Google’s plan to bake generative AI into every part. Alongside these strains, customers will be capable of export Bard’s responses on to Gmail or Docs, saving copy-and-paste time and giving folks “a head begin drafting emails and paperwork,” in accordance with Google.

Google Bard is out there at the moment for anybody with a Google account at

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