Slack CEO Lidiane Jones Wants You to Stop Slacking So Much


Gideon Lichfield: Precisely.

Lauren Goode: And you’ll truly pause.

Gideon Lichfield: Sure, and that is what makes it easy, as a result of there are 17 totally different apps however just one cellphone.

Lauren Goode: However then do you, like, get up within the morning, and at 6 within the morning you’ve got gone a blissful eight hours of sleep and there is an e-mail from Anna Wintour addressed to you and you are like, “Wow, I actually mustn’t have put my cellphone down for this lengthy.”

Gideon Lichfield: No, it is extra like, “I actually mustn’t have picked up my cellphone simply now. I ought to have waited and gone, had breakfast and a few espresso and finished some train after which picked up the cellphone, and Anna Wintour can wait.” Sorry, Anna.

Lauren Goode: Wow, you heard it right here first. Dare I say that’s remarkably wholesome, not particularly to your boss, however to any boss.

Gideon Lichfield: That will be the best. I am not saying that that’s what I truly obtain each morning, however that’s what I aspire to do. However I do assume what Lidiane mentioned is essential about establishing tradition. On Slack now, you may schedule messages to not be despatched till the following morning, however I believe you additionally simply have to ascertain a office tradition that claims for those who get a Slack from me exterior your regular working hours, I do not count on you to reply.

Lauren Goode: Is not that indirectly the final word type of tech solutionism although? That, “Oh look, they’ve added this characteristic the place you may schedule one thing. They’re fixing the issue that each one of this software program helped create.”

Gideon Lichfield: Proper, however that is why I am saying that it additionally must be a matter of tradition. Like you may have the Schedule Message button, however I believe you additionally ought to simply set up the expectation that if any individual sends you a message exterior working hours, then they should not count on a response until they completely want one, and in the event that they completely want one, that is what cellphone calling is for.

Lauren Goode: I believe all of it goes again to the Away message. I believe now we have to return to the times of AOL instant messenger Away messages.

Gideon Lichfield: Which you’ll be able to have on Slack although, cannot you? 

Lauren Goode: You may, however nobody pays consideration to them. I talked about this with Lidiane. It was just like the buyer grievance line. I used to be like, “And by the best way, let me inform you this factor that occurred in Slack,” and even after I silence notifications on one machine, I may hear just like the notifications sound from Slack coming by means of my iPad throughout the room.

Gideon Lichfield: However have been you responding to those messages? 

Lauren Goode: I used to be. I used to be. And I even hopped on a Zoom with you and one other editor that day.

Gideon Lichfield: So I really feel such as you’re blaming the software program. I imply, sure, the sick emoji exists to sign that you’re sick, however you are additionally, I believe, enabling different folks’s conduct for those who reply to it. In different phrases, for those who put up the sick emoji and different folks message you, possibly they’re decoding the sick emoji to imply, “OK, I can message her, however I do not count on a response from her.” And for those who do reply, then you’re the one truly who’s breaking the compact moderately than them.

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