Why the Rule of Law is Collapsing


QUESTION: Marty, Why did you not file a lawsuit in opposition to the federal government for false imprisonment?


ANSWER: I met with 5 legislation corporations. The reality is once they say the corruption of the choose even altering transcripts and the court docket of appeals, NOT one lawyer had the heart to problem the federal government and the courts. I believe individuals even wrote to Judicial Watch and they’d by no means reply.

Relating to really difficult how corrupt the complete system has turn into, no lawyer wished to become involved. They’re all afraid of the federal government. I met with one of many largest corporations in Philadelphia. Their response – We don’t sue different attorneys. Good luck to find somebody who will actually defend you. I used to be at a gathering early on and 4 legislation corporations have been speaking about how corrupt the choose was. Once I informed Tenzer Greenblatt to make a movement to recuse the choose, they mentioned their agency would by no means do this for all the opposite judges in NYC would then prejudice their agency to even making a recusal movement. A lot for the rule of legislation.

Maybe Trump will carry all of this to the floor.

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