We Need to Question Who Authorized This Act of War


(Obtain this in PDF to ahead to your Politican Wherever you might be: Impach 3-6-23 )

Everybody wants to jot down to their Congressman and Senator demanding an investigation NOW! The acts of Victoria Nuland, most definitely the chief of the pack, Antony Blinken, and Jake Sullivan truly rise to the extent of Treason, – participating in utilizing the Government Department to instigate struggle in opposition to Russia when that’s ONLY the ability Constitutionally held by Congress. In the meantime, Russian oligarchs who’ve direct ties to Biden and Hunter, are at all times exempt from his unlawful confiscation of personal Russian belongings which might be a flagrant violation of worldwide legislation. That, many now query, could be tied to bribes for the “huge man” as soon as once more.


We have to name Biden to account. He’s too out of it and simply manipulated taking orders from the Neocons (Victoria Nuland), to explode the Nord Stream pipeline – the Neocon objective because the Nineteen Sixties. This was an Unconstitutional Act of Warfare, for such authority solely resides in Congress underneath Article One of the US Structure, the Authority of Congress to make struggle. That is why the press was instantly informed to eat their very own, Seymour Hersh, by their puppet masters – the Neocons. The mainstream press has been the cheerleaders to ship your kids to struggle to be slaughtered on the twenty first killing fields to place a smile on the face of Victoria Nuland and pals.

President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and particularly Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland in addition to Nationwide Safety Advisor, Jake Sullivan, ought to all be known as earlier than Congress and interrogated as to their acts. That is an impeachable offense. Victoria Nuland was in Kiev in 2014 pushing for the revolution telling the protester the US couldn’t get entangled except 100 had been killed. Nuland was there handing out sandwiches. She most likely wished handy out heat milk and cookies to point out US assist for the revolution. It was the US who put in an unelected interim authorities that then despatched the military to invade the Donbas which started this complete struggle. Nuland ought to be interrogated for abusing her place to additional struggle that ONLY Congress can authorize.

Was she additionally concerned within the faux negotiation of the Minsk Settlement to buy time to lift a military to wage struggle in opposition to Russia? Did Nuland inform Zelensky to say Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons on February 23rd to power Putin to reply that night time in his nationwide speech after which the following day, twenty fourth, transfer to occupy the Donbas since he additionally refused to honor the Minsk Settlement? Has Putin actually been the aggressor, or has this all been choreographed to assist struggle as was the case with Vietnam and Johnson’s well-known line that for all he knew they had been taking pictures at whales that night time, and we had been by no means attacked?

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