ChatGPT and Whisper APIs debut, allowing devs to integrate them into apps



On Wednesday, OpenAI announced the supply of developer APIs for its fashionable ChatGPT and Whisper AI fashions that may let builders combine them into their apps. An API (utility programming interface) is a set of protocols that enables totally different laptop packages to speak with one another. On this case, app builders can lengthen their apps’ skills with OpenAI know-how for an ongoing payment based mostly on utilization.

Launched in late November, ChatGPT generates coherent textual content in lots of kinds. Whisper, a speech-to-text mannequin that launched in September, can transcribe spoken audio into textual content.

Particularly, demand for a ChatGPT API has been big, which led to the creation of an unauthorized API late final 12 months that violated OpenAI’s phrases of service. Now, OpenAI has launched its personal API providing to fulfill the demand. Compute for the APIs will occur off-device and within the cloud.

OpenAI calls its new ChatGPT API mannequin “gpt-3.5-turbo,” which supersedes its earlier “greatest” LLM API, “text-davinci-003.” It’s priced at $0.002 per 1,000 tokens (about 750 phrases), which OpenAI says is about 10 occasions cheaper than its present GPT-3.5 fashions. “Via a sequence of system-wide optimizations, we’ve achieved 90% value discount for ChatGPT since December,” writes OpenAI on its API announcement web page.

An example of a call to the ChatGPT API.
Enlarge / An instance of a name to the ChatGPT API.


Early customers of the ChatGPT API embrace Snapchat, with its “My AI” bot we coated Monday; an academic platform known as Quizlet that reportedly helps college students examine; and Instacart, which plans so as to add “Ask Instacart” later this 12 months to let prospects ask about meals.

The Whisper API, which is predicated on the open supply whisper-large-v2 mannequin, is offered at a value of $0.006 per minute. It accepts inputs in M4A, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPGA, WAV, and WEBM codecs and may translate audio to textual content or transcribe at a price similar to a talented human transcriptionist, even with troublesome audio.

Responding to privateness issues about amassing information from prospects, OpenAI says it has modified its phrases of service (TOS) to not use information submitted for service enhancements, together with future mannequin coaching. Additionally, it has a default 30-day data-retention coverage for API customers, and the TOS emphasizes that customers personal the enter and output of the AI fashions.

For its AI fashions, OpenAI can be now providing devoted cloud cases working on Azure “for customers who need deeper management over the particular mannequin model and system efficiency.”

The ChatGPT and Whisper APIs are available starting today. Utilization requires an OpenAI account and a cost technique.

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